Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who knew? Woolite is not just for dedicates?

     Woolite Everyday

Crowdtap is a word of mouth advertising site where “Consumers and Brands Collaborate”.   Or, to put it in more simple terms, it’s a site where consumers actively participate with their favorite brands to help influence marketing.  Using a variety of activities, including questions, discussions, house parties, sample shares and much more, brands “talk” to their consumers to find out what they want, like and need, and the best way to market their products.  In exchange for active participation, members accumulate points which can then be exchanged for gift cards.  But that is not all!  Each member is asked upon sign-up to choose their favorite charity, and then when that member gains points by participating in certain activities, Crowdtap will make a donation to that member’s specific charity!   All in all it is very fun, and a great way to voice your opinion as a consumer, learn all kinds of new things and meet hundreds of people with interests similar to your own!   You can find out more by going to

     One of the fun activities you can be invited to participate in are the Sample Shares.  This is where a brand will send you a bunch of samples of a product and ask you to share them with your friends, family’s, co-workers, and any body else you can think of.  Your goal is to come up with the most fun and the most creative way to share your sample and spread the word.  A date will be set for you to finish the Sample Share, and then you will get the chance to tell everyone all about it.  Like every other activity you participate in, points will be awarded to everyone who completes the Sample Share as well as extra points for those who are judged to have gone above and beyond in their sharing.

I always thought Woolite was only for your delicate whites, boy was i wrong?! If you are like me and LOVE the new neon colors and dark jeans then this is a MUST HAVE! I was simply amazed by how great it worked in making my clothes look brand new and helps keep your clothes from fading! So after trying Woolite everyday on my brights and darks I honestly don't think I could use anything other! It can be used in regular and HE washers. It is safe for both whites and darks and is specially formulated to prevent damage to clothing fibers. If you have yet to try it I promise you will love it!

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