Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The tricks to healthy snacking :)

Hey guys! Its been such a long time since I have been on here being super busy working full time and being a busy mamma but I am back and have so much to share! Let me start with my new kick, healthy snacking! It all started when I got a VoxBox from Influenster a little while back...

So I proceed to open it and it comes with COUPONS, which i adore coupons, a pamplet and this cute little cheese cooler, which is so freaking cute!!

So of course I ran directly to the store, did not pass GO. HA! Long story short, the kids  it! so I next trip I bought more. We have had string cheese before but never noticed the brand but Sargento is DELICIOUS! I got super creative for the kids, and they dont realize they are eating well. In no time everyone is snacking better and its all thanks to Sargento & Influenster!

To sum this up, even if you have tried snacking on cheese previously, seriously try Sargento! If my picky kids love it so will yours! :)