Saturday, February 15, 2014

A new found love.

Happy Valentine's day! Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I know a lot of people have mixed feeling on it. Hearts, glitter and glitz, celebrating love, I mean in my eyes what is there not to love about it. I do see where one can look at it is a made up day to spend too much money when you should be showing that love all year long. My hubby is one of those people, he doesn't see the Vday hype because we show each other daily and do sweet thoughtful things all year long. I am pretty lucky though, he knows I LOVE Valentine's Day so he makes it extra special but I still get love the other 365 days too. WIN! ;)

For the past year or so I have had some interest in this jewelry called Origami Owl. You basically tell a story through what they call a "living locket" It is a glass locket you add little charms to tell a story. Every locket tells a story.. what's yours? First you choose the charms that have meaning to you. Next you pick your favorite locket and chain, there is SO many options. Finally you can add personality with a hand stamped metal plate or some dangles.

This is my finished product, I am SO in LOVE with it. I have no idea why I waited so long. 

I got 2 pink stones, one for Makaylah and one for Madison. I got 2 aqua stones, one for my husband and one for Bryce. I got mom because obviously I am a mom ;) love, heart and infinity charm just because it all represents my love for my family. That is my story. What is yours?

I am hosting a jewelry bar, an online party. You pick what you want, pay online and it is shipped directly to your door step. :)

Here is the link to check it out, browse, build and order. Any questions let me know.

All orders must be in by March 7th.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New name, same great face :)

When I started blogging I didnt really have any specific direction in which I was blogging and I was ALL over the place. I have now decided I want to stick to just being a mom blogger and talk about parenting! I will still do reviews, of course I lovee them! So expect to see a complete makeover coming soon but I wanted to reach out to you guys for help on a new name. I have a few in mind but I am open for suggestions too! :) 

Help me pick the prefect name.
  1. Because she said so..
  2. Mommy says so..
  3. They call her mommy
  4. Just call her mommy
  5. Love. Life. Family. Wife.
  6. Ever waking moment.
  7. My life as a wife
  8. Live. Love. Blog
  9. Live. Love. Parent
Vote in the comments and help rename me!