Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nectresse; my newest obsession (♥)

When you think "all natural" very rarely do you think,delicious! That is in the past, the makers of Splenda bring the all new Nectresse %100 Natural No Calorie Sweetener as a substitue for sugar and let me tell you, you can NOT tell the difference except maybe pants sizes going down once you cut out that yucky white stuff. :) Nectresse is made from the naturally sweet extract of monk fruit. What is a monk fruit you ask? It is a naturally sweet way to reduce sugar and calories. You might not have heard of monk fruit before. That’s because it has traditionally been grown on steep forested mountains in small family orchards, so until now there just hasn’t been a lot of it. According to legend monk fruit is named after the Buddhist monks who first cultivated it nearly 800 years ago. Ever since then it has been treasured for its health-giving powers and its unique low-calorie sweetness. Now here’s the good news - the world has finally discovered this amazing little fruit. That means you and your family will be able to enjoy the healthy, great-tasting sweetness of monk fruit in some of your favorite foods and beverages. No unlike alot of the subsitutes out there it is actually good for you and have nothing negative in it! I have made literally everything that calls for sugar with Nectresse instead and none of my three children or fiance have been able to tell the difference! :) Here are just a few facts Im sure you never knew about sugar and your health. 1. Sugar cause sudden increase in glucose level. Uneven sugar level in your blood often cause mood changes, sudden tiredness, constant headache and the desire to eat even more sugar. Slowly it becomes a habit and new dose of sugar cause only temporary relief, however after few hours sugar deficiency and hunger become even stronger. On the other hand, those who don’t overuse sugar feel stronger and more vital. 2. Sugar increases the risk of obese, diabetes and heart diseases International researches showed that there is a correlation between usage of glycolic products including sugar and obesity or diabetes. Such products also increase the risk of heart diseases. Newest researches found some evidences that glycemic products can be biased with various cancer forms. 3. Sugar cause immune system disorders. When experimenting with animals it was discovered that sugar block immune reactions. Further research is needed but it is now known that bacteria and yeast need sugar to grow. In the presence of imbalance between these materials (bacteria and sugar) human immune system can become weaker. As a result people tend to ill a lot more. 4. Large doses of sugar cause chromium deficiency in the body. People who constantly consume large amounts of sugar or other refined carbohydrates do not get enough chromium which is mainly responsible for regulating sugar level in the blood. Chromium can be found in many animal or vegetative products and also in the seafood products. Refined carbohydrates take chromium away from these products. 5. Sugar cause aging. Negative effects on your skin can be attributed to sugar. Certain parts of sugar molecules when entering into blood join with the proteins – this is called glycolisis. As a consequence new structures are formed which reduce body tissue integrity. To put it simply, the more sugar is in your blood the faster you become older. Well not you, your body does. 6. Sugar cause dental decay. This aspect of sugar on your teeth is often omitted. Sugar is one of the most caries producing foods in the world. To test that, you can throw a tooth into a glass of coca cola, eventually you will see that sugar don’t whiten and strengthen your teeth. 7. Sugar cause dental disease, later it can develop into heart disease. It was proved that chronic periodontal infections stimulate coronary artery disease. Dental problems often lead to heart disease. 8. Sugar effects on your kids’ health and learning abilities. Many parents notice that sugar has effect on their children behavior. Kids react to raw sugar and sweeteners more or less the same so difference between sugar and sweeteners research haven’t shown noticeable difference. Now a little bit about kids’ cognitive abilities. In 1979-1983 period New York Schools participated in the interesting experiment. All food products with sugar, artificial sweeteners and dyes where removed from pupil’s breakfast and lunch. The results where shockingly positive. Overall grades have increased by about 15,7 percent while test group achieved only 1,7% improvement. 9. Sugar and Stress While in stressful situation body releases stress hormone cortisol. This hormone also makes himself more prevalent when sugar levels in blood decrease. For example when you eat a piece of cake, the sugar levels sharply increase after a while it decrease sharply also. At the time stress hormones are activated. They quickly pump more sugar and energy into the body. The problem is that those useful hormones can cause anxiety, irritation and sudden change of mood. 10. Sugar obtrudes important nutrients. Scientists warn that people who consume lots of sugar don’t have important nutrients in they ration, especially vitamins A, C, B12, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Sadly enough, kids fall into this category and they are those who need these nutrient the most. So who is NOW ready to make the switch? Luckily Nectreese is offering free samples so you can try it out free of cost. Check out their offers here & get ready to make a positive change with your life! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

REDBOOK & L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party

REDBOOK &  L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party

Check out all this GREAT stuff I received from House Party makes it easy to have a party in your own home and get exclusive access to products for you and your friends. We provide the fun, you provide food and feedback and promise to have an awesome time. They offer parties in all different categories so there is sure to be one that fits everyone. I love this company & can not wait for my party to try out all these great products and I will be sure to update on the products I received. :)

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years

Yes this is defiantly different then my makeup& fun product reviews but, Hey! If it helps just one person with my review then I am happy! Mission Accomplished! :) So I received a chance to review this book through a company called and I wasn't sure if it would be helpful since my younger is 3 years old now but figured Id give it a shot. I could not believe how informative this book was, it is broken down into sections by age, I really wish I had this book to rely on when I had newborn/infants. Dr. Karp is famous for his brilliant insights into centuries-old parenting problems and for discovering breakthrough solutions that are simple yet practical. Dr Karp give actual steps unlike another book that I read which just gave information on sleep. We totally love Dr Karp and his calming reflex theory. He also features in this book different self soothing methods as well. Until I read the book I didn't think I could possibly learn anything from it but I did as it doesn't just focus on newborns like most it helps with sleep solutions all the way up to a 5 year old. I do recommend this book to any new moms and may just be my new go to baby shower gift to be sure mommas are not missing out on these solutions! :) Thumbs up to Dr. Karper.

Who knew? Woolite is not just for dedicates?

     Woolite Everyday

Crowdtap is a word of mouth advertising site where “Consumers and Brands Collaborate”.   Or, to put it in more simple terms, it’s a site where consumers actively participate with their favorite brands to help influence marketing.  Using a variety of activities, including questions, discussions, house parties, sample shares and much more, brands “talk” to their consumers to find out what they want, like and need, and the best way to market their products.  In exchange for active participation, members accumulate points which can then be exchanged for gift cards.  But that is not all!  Each member is asked upon sign-up to choose their favorite charity, and then when that member gains points by participating in certain activities, Crowdtap will make a donation to that member’s specific charity!   All in all it is very fun, and a great way to voice your opinion as a consumer, learn all kinds of new things and meet hundreds of people with interests similar to your own!   You can find out more by going to

     One of the fun activities you can be invited to participate in are the Sample Shares.  This is where a brand will send you a bunch of samples of a product and ask you to share them with your friends, family’s, co-workers, and any body else you can think of.  Your goal is to come up with the most fun and the most creative way to share your sample and spread the word.  A date will be set for you to finish the Sample Share, and then you will get the chance to tell everyone all about it.  Like every other activity you participate in, points will be awarded to everyone who completes the Sample Share as well as extra points for those who are judged to have gone above and beyond in their sharing.

I always thought Woolite was only for your delicate whites, boy was i wrong?! If you are like me and LOVE the new neon colors and dark jeans then this is a MUST HAVE! I was simply amazed by how great it worked in making my clothes look brand new and helps keep your clothes from fading! So after trying Woolite everyday on my brights and darks I honestly don't think I could use anything other! It can be used in regular and HE washers. It is safe for both whites and darks and is specially formulated to prevent damage to clothing fibers. If you have yet to try it I promise you will love it!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ready For Love on NBC

Ready For Love on NBC: Hearts be still. From the network that brought you @NBCTheVoice, comes @ReadyforLove, Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC! *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dickinson's Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes

Again, another great product that I have fallen in love with but probably would have NEVER bought prior, The Dickenson's Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes. Let me start with the smell, its a bit strong but I honestly have to say this would be the only negative about these towelettes and luckily its not too bad that you can't get passed it. The pros defiantly overcome that one con here.  I have a terribly oily complexion as long as I can remember and couldn't stand it but one towelette in the morning before applying my makeup and again at bedtime after removing my makeup and I swear these make my not so fond of complexion much less oily and I have not had ONE breakout from the time i added these to my daily regimen. They do NOT dry out my skin, I have never found anything that has controlled the oily but didn't leave my skin too dry. The individual wrapped towelettes are a brilliant idea so you can toss a few in your purse and always have them on hand when you need them. They are affordable, $5.99 for a 20 count box and can be found at most of your drug stores and big chain store ex.Walmart,Target,etc. Has anyone else tried these?If so Id love to know how they worked for you.  

Check out their Facebook page here..

Witch Hazel helps with every type of skin, here's a few examples..
  • Removes everyday dirt, oil and impurities
  • Controls oil, eliminates shine and balances skin
  • Nourishes flaky & dull skin without removing essential moisture
  • Unclogs, refines and tightens pores
  • Cleans, calms & conditions without overdrying
  • Even out the areas that are oily here, or dry there

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ready For Love on NBC

Ready For Love on NBC: Even @EvaLongoria knows dating is hard @ReadyforLove enlists 3 Matchmakers starts 4/9 at 9/8c

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another reason I LOVE Influenster :)

I must share just ANOTHER reason I absolutely LOVE Influenster,This is now 4 emails in the last 24 hours from them...

So if you have not already signed up, RUN, not walk but run to sign up!