Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It has been far too long since I posted. Things have just been SUPER hectic! The holidays, then we have Strep, RSV and the flu run its way through our entire home over the month of December. YUCK! I am sure we were not the only family hit hard with germs this winter. What are your tips & tricks? 

So to say the least things have been very off schedule, *knock on wood* our family seems to be settling back down into some normalcy. So I am back at it!  I get a lot of stuff for free and I always have people asking me, How? Where? I have chose to share my wealth ;) with you ALL in this very spot.. BOOKMARK this, you wont be sorry. 

Starting with the easiest to more complex. All sites require a bit of work from you. NOTE: May contain referral links.

Expo TV- This is a free community for you to join with unlimited access to share your opinion on products in the form on 60 second videos. You apply for their Tryology programs but can also earn points reviewing products you have right at home already. The higher the points, the better chance of getting chosen for future programs. You can sign up, Here

Smiley 360- This is another very easy community to share your voice on different products. Smiley 360 gives you different ways to share your opinion. They offer you free products to spread the word about them to all your family and friends. Sign up, Here

Crowdtap- Crowdtap is very much different than the previous websites. It is a mix of everything. Polls, sample shares, hosted parties & more. My favorite part is each month you can also win gift cards in each branded drawing. The more you participate, more points, and that means better chances! Sign up, Here

I have tons more that I will continue to add. Let me know how these sites work for you! :) Happy sampling!