Monday, March 10, 2014

ToyTainer- organization for kids.

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Recently I have gotten the opportunity to work with a great company that is relatively new to the toy market called ToyTainer.

ToyTainer is a new toy storage product that has recently launched in Target. The ToyTainer products make pack up time fun, in turn freeing up some time for Mom! ToyTainers come in a variety of styles to suit boys and girls aged 2 to 8 and combine play time with pack up time. The range is made up of a series of modular yet fun storage solutions that provide an interactive element to packing up, making it a part of play time (and giving you back your time!).

From top left I received, Fire truck Play 'N Store, Arcade Depot Grab 'N Store, Ice Cream Truck Play 'N Store, City Shoe Box Play 'N Store, Girls EZ Mat Play 'N Store, Castle Shoe Box Play 'N Store, Dollhouse Play 'N Store. 

All of these items are only sold at Target and can be found by clicking HERE The products are very affordable ranging in price from $19.99 to $29.99. But really can we put a price on your kids happily cleaning up their toys?! I know I can't. That was a very constant argument in my household.  Now I said time to clean up and they are MORE then happy to clean up. I really like the idea of the toys being multi-functional, they can play,clean up and store their toys inside.

As you can see the Arcade Depot Grab 'N Store is the favorite! Its brilliant, everyone loves playing the crane machine. No quarters and you can play over and over. All of the ToyTainer products are durable toys, bright colors, and very functional. We have had some friends over last weekend and their children really enjoyed playing with them as well. 

Here is a video for more on ToyTainer - 

You can also see all of the products they have to offer on their website, Here
Or check them out on Facebook, Here

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  3. This looks awesome! I have 9 kiddos so plenty of toys that take up way too much space. May have to look into these.