Monday, November 18, 2013

Cozy Cushions - a must have for fall

Dr. Scholl's Cozy Cushions

So I have tried tons of Dr.Scholl's for her insoles but these take the cake! Let me tell you some of the perks of them first. They keep your feet warm and dry in this chilly icky weather! You can put them in rain boots, slip-ons, UGGs, dress or even casual shoes or boots. The multi layer design keeps your feet warm and dry but even absorbs perspiration, if you have those sweaty feet. ;)  It makes them good for every season. 

Look how thick and fluffy they are?!

I put them in my UGGs because every year I normally replace them with the UGG brand ones but these are soo much better, I think and more affordable. WIN! :) They come in a size to fit Women's 6-10. They will fit just about anyone and can easily be trimmed with scissors. They actually have two super fluffy layers,its like walking on clouds. 

And Target has them on sale for $8.55 HERE
Compared to, they are charging $14.61 

Wait it gets better, COUPON!

 Dr. Scholl's website has a $2 coupon to print HERE

* I received these FREE from to try and review. Interested in joining, let me know I will send you an invite! :)

Who needs brand new boots when you have Dr. Scholl's to extend the life of your boots?! 

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