Thursday, June 6, 2013

Secret Outlast Clear deodorant

Secret Outlast Clear Deodorant

Secret Outlast Deodorant is said to go on clear and protect up to 48 hrs! No white marks, goes on clear & stays clear. It is available in invisible solid, clear gel, and smooth solid. They also have 4 different scents, completely clean, protecting powder, sport fresh and unscented. It is sold in most any store and price varies from $3-$5 among the stores. 

I was actually really glad this was included in my Vox Box, oddly enough.  Only because I had run out of deodorant the day before and it now meant I didn’t have to go out and buy a new one for a while. Normally I would NEVER stray away from Dove deodorant because I know it is safe and smells fabulous. Anyway, I think I have found my new go to deodorant.  After opening my Vox Box, I took a shower and put on this deodorant afterward.  While I was reaching to grab a shirt from my closet, I found myself thinking, "That smells AMAZING!" only to realize after a few seconds it was, in fact, my armpits. It  has a fresh scent that is light, but noticeable. The deodorant I had been using before always wore off throughout the day leaving me feeling self-conscious and being paranoid about the possibility of people thinking I smelled bad or had bad hygiene or something,  but Secret Outlast Clear deodorant lasts all day and it’s clear!  So no more obnoxious white marks on my clothes!  So, thank you, Secret and Influenster, for helping me smell glorious all day and eliminating the amount of clothes I own with white deodorant stains of them.

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